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Mold Could Be Growing Inside Your Water Faucet For Several Reasons

Mold development in your bathroom or kitchen water faucets should be taken seriously because it can cause illness and allergies. Understanding how mould gets into the fixture and how to get rid of it can help you stay healthier.



How to Remove Mold From Your Water Faucet:

When you pour a drink of water from your kitchen or bathroom faucet, you want it to be crystal clear and odor-free. It’s an unpleasant surprise to see little bits or strings of a black substance. Mold threads, which can start developing in your faucet, are the small black particles of substance. If the growth persists, ACCL plumbers can remove and replace the fixture for you.

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Getting Rid of Leaks:

To get rid of mould growth in a kitchen or bathroom faucet, the first step is to stop any leaks. Mold need a constant supply of water to thrive, thus removing the drips aids in the removal of the mould. It’s possible that you’ll need to caulk around the faucet’s base. If the fixture is leaking, it may need to be tightened. A trickle that persists could indicate that the faucet is rusty and needs to be replaced.



Cleaning your faucet with bleach is another approach to get rid of mould growth around your faucet. Once a day, wipe the faucet’s head, stem, and handles with a diluted 10% bleach solution and a clean towel. Mold and its spores are killed by bleach. Allow a minute for the water to stream from the faucet after cleaning the faucet head to flush off the bleach.


Aerator should be replaced:

Remove the aerator and clean it with the bleach solution if the mould is just in it. Replace the aerator if it is beginning to rust or is in bad condition. If you’re unsure how to change the aerator, your plumber may be able to assist you.


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